10 February 2008

Whip cream

Whether you're serving up afternoon tea, enjoying a nice warm drink on a cold day, or indulging in dessert, whipped cream can add a special touch to just about anything

Step 1: Use pouring cream or thickened cream for whipping. For best results, chill the cream. On a warm day, chill the beaters and bowl in the freezer until icy cold (deep metal bowls are better than shallow glass or plastic ones)

Step 2: Start whipping cream on slow speed, then increase speed as cream begins to thicken. If serving cream as a 'dollop', whip to soft peaks. If piping or using to sandwich cakes and biscuits, whip until it is thick and holds its shape

Step 3: If sweetened cream is required, fold sifted icing sugar into cream once it has been whipped. If adding flavour such as vanilla, stir into cream with the icing sugar, then whip with a hand whisk until it comes back to the desired consistency


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