16 February 2008

Cut mango cheeks

Love mango but don’t like wearing it? Follow these steps and you can enjoy this juicy fruit without getting sticky.

Step 1: Hold the mango in a vertical position and use a small sharp knife to cut down either side of the stone to remove the "cheeks".

Step 2: Hold a mango cheek, skin-side down, in the palm of your hand and use a small sharp knife to cut the flesh in a diamond pattern (taking care not to cut all the way through).

Step 3: Turn the cheek inside out and cut the cubes from the skin. Repeat with the remaining cheek and use as required.


Ummi said...

Aa noreen, my BIL ada bgtau cara senang nk makan manggo ni..cara kupas plg senang..dia keja kat Hotel Istana tu as Rest. Manager of Taman Sari Rest...selalu dia je yg kupaskan..hehe

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